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Q: How did the BBC program start?  We started with two teams:  one of 4th graders and another with 2nd/3rd  in the summer of 2012.  That 4th grade team went on to win the AYBT National Championship.  But it goes really deeper than that …. we started BBC to give area players more opportunities to grow their game and play competitive basketball by learning the fundamentals.  By the end of July and beginning of August 2012 we had 3 teams .  Since then, BBC has grown into a one of the only non-school or non-town related programs that fields teams the whole year round.

Q: Who can join BBC?  Any boy or girl who has the love and drive for basketball at a higher competitive level, who wants to work on his/her game. You can be from any town/school.

Q: Are there cuts?  No, we believe that is counter productive to growing their basketball game ….. when you constantly put barriers up. His play from practice and drills during workouts will determine team placement.  There are multiple teams that we can place the child and we will think of his growth in the game when placing him in that environment.

Q: What is the difference between BBC and other school/travel/club teams. This question is hard to answer beside that: we practice more …. we focus on the kid and his fundamentals more ….we play more ….

Q: How many games will my son get to play?  Most of our teams participate in about 45-50 games during the spring and summer session (March to July .. beginning of August ) consisting of weekend tournaments and league play games, depending on how well the team does the total can even be slightly higher upwards to 60.

Q: What are the goals of the BBC Travel program?  Our main goal is to help improve the skills of each and every player.  We want to turn them into gymrats, we want them to have fun competing and being with their friends.  Where they come to practice because they know they learn while having fun.  We want to build memories that will last a lifetime because they will have love of the game: A respect for those who have helped them in life and sport.

Q: Where do you travel?  We will travel mostly in Indiana, going to places you have heard of Bloomington, West Lafayette, Fort Wayne …. and places that you have not been to or heard of:  Tipton, Salem, Richmond, Hope, Paoli, Farmersburg.

For the highest level of BBC teams we might venture Regionally to Cincinnati, Chicago Area, Louisville, Bloomington IL  or even Nationally to Washington DC, ST Louis, Cleveland, Atlanta GA, Orlando Florida.  We are blessed to be in Indiana and that of central Indiana where we can find strong competition. But as a club, we want the right competition for our teams.

Q: Right competition?  We want to be competitive.  Blowing out your opponents is not what we are after nor do we want that for our teams.  We want games and opponents that are of the equal level to promote intensity, to learn while playing the game, to have real growth.  We believe that if you are 9-0 you played nobody and conversely if you are 0-9 you did not belong there either.

Q: When does the Spr/Sum season start? What’s the schedule like?  Practice for most will begin in early March or sooner and the season will last through July.  Schedules can vary depending on the age group and team, but most teams play in 4-6 weekend tournaments and will play in a league in central Indiana: in Fishers, Carmel, West Lafayette, Greenwood.

Q: My son plays other summer sports and has other commitments.  Can he still play with BBC?  Obviously we know that kids are busy during the summer with lots of activities.  Sports are important but no more important than your family functions such as: a Wedding, a Funeral, your family Vacation, and most importantly his birthday!  But the difference is planning, you will know most if not all of the teams schedule in advance and attendance is crucial for him to make leaps in practice, to perform at his best in games.  (Being a part of a top level BBC team can be contingent upon being able to make all team functions.)

Q: Do you offer the opportunity to play “up”?  We DO offer opportunities for players to play “up” an level if they’re excelling and the need for players exists in the higher group. In the past, this has ranged from single games, to weekend tournaments, to entire seasons depending on the player and the situation.  I.E.: 1st grader played with 3rd graders the whole season.  3rd grader played with 5th graders the whole season.  A group of 14 kids currently playing at the 7th grade level while in 6th grade.

Q: How much does it cost to join BBC?  BBC offers play the whole year around, but each session has different costs because of different factors, including but not limited to the following:  practice facilities, tournament and league entry fees, equipment fees, uniform costs.  

Q: What do we do to join BBC?  Fill out the contact information at top of page and tell him to lace up his shoes.



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